Application fields of transparent LED display wall for advertising

transparent led wall

the traditional LED display screen wall is bulky and consumes a lot, the P3.91 P7.8 big LED transparent screen of the giant color source, through its own continuous technological innovation and innovative breakthroughs, not only ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle requirements of the lighting structure such as floors, glass facades, windows, etc, but also has good heat dissipation and anti-aging functions, and can be applied to various fields.

The products are also very convenient to install and maintain, and break the traditional LED. The limitation of the application of display screen in glass curtain wall is also a significant change on LED display screen.
For oika led transparent display, it has high transparency and thin screen. Exhibition, airport, advertising media, chain stores, large shopping malls, enterprise exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums and other places provide interesting and changeable equipment support for product sales and advertising publicity, so that advertising creativity can directly target the actual products, and can be applied wherever there is glass curtain wall;
1、 Public large building space and application:
In the indoor environment of large-scale buildings and commercial spaces such as office buildings, exhibition centers, airports, high-speed railway stations, Metro stations, hotels, theatres and other commercial network complexes, the visual depth of the space is better preserved, and the cool multimedia effect has a more visual sense of hierarchy and impacts the application of large shopping malls and chain stores
The modern artistic beauty of transparent LED display screen is perfectly combined with metal modeling. It has the characteristics of high permeability, high stability and long service life. After installation, it does not affect the original architectural style and lighting. The product shape has texture. It is the first choice for modern architectural advertising lighting. It has a wide application prospect in glass curtain wall, shopping mall and glass partition.
With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, the pursuit of personalization has become an important benchmark for people to publicize their unique personality; transparent LED screens are booming, and various sizes and shapes of displays emerge in endlessly. Emphasizing self and pursuing individuality have become the primary choice for many consumers in the display screen design. Only the store image full of personality can attract consumers to stop and increase the flow of customers. The unique design method is adopted to make the LED transparent screen replace the traditional storefront exterior wall and led full-color display screen, and replace the traditional plane advertisement with video advertisement, which makes the whole store cool and extremely pleasing to the consumers.
2、 Large stage applications:
Modular size combination into arbitrary size modeling, flexible structural design, transparent suspension display of specific space penetration, diversified modeling for stage dance beauty effects, with more creative space
3、 Giant sky screen application:
The perfect combination with the glass curtain wall of the building is integrated without changing the appearance of the building. During the day, it hardly affects the permeability and lighting of the glass curtain wall. When the night comes, the magnificent and colorful pictures make the city more romantic.
4、 Building media applications:
The application of large-scale building glass curtain wall, on the premise of not affecting the lighting of users, with high-definition cool, holographic effect display and intelligent interactive function, the perfect realization does not affect the appearance of the building itself, while integrating more harmonious display creative effect.

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