Arrangement and Use of LED Display Screen for Hotel Wedding


What is the layout and use of LED display for hotel wedding? The main function of the wedding LED display is to show the wedding scene or the effect of the wedding MV video taken by the couple when holding the wedding ceremony. Generally, most of them use the hotel. Generally, the layout of large LED screen for wedding celebrations uses more LED display screen in the middle, and spray board on both sides. The spray board can display anybody’s photos at will. Not only can it do this, but also can choose to use curtain to make projection effect. Films projected on the LED screen can also display some introductory shapes, more can let the lights constantly change, and so on. In addition, on the stage can be used. Decorate the stage with some floral arrangements, which will give people a fantastic, aesthetic and modern feeling.

Installation Mode of LED Display Screen for Wedding

In some hotels, LED screens are relatively inexpensive. Fixed brackets are often installed on the walls. The defect is that the debugging time is limited. If it is mounted on the wall, the scene will not be gorgeous. Some hotels rent full-color LED display, the price is relatively expensive, but the picture quality is OK! Leasing LED screen can be combined with the actual size of the site layout to make exquisite scene layout. On the premise of guaranteeing the construction time, debugging is also more sufficient.

Where is the LED display for hotel wedding?

Generally, there are two kinds of placing methods: middle or left and right sides. If the LED wedding display is placed in the middle, most of the audience’s attention stays on the screen. Favorable to create an atmosphere, of course, the disadvantage is that the backlight is very strong, for photography and lighting put forward higher requirements. Of course, if the wedding scene is more demanding, or live broadcasting is the main method, it will be more appropriate to put it on both sides.

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