Which is the best car-mounted Vehicle LED sign displays?


Compared with traditional led advertisements, vehicle-mounted LED display has the characteristics of strong mobility, wide publishing area, high effective information arrival rate, free from time and space constraints. How much is the price of on-board LED display? Which is the best car-mounted LED display, how to choose the right manufacturers?

Price of on-board LED display screen

At present, the price is usually quoted according to the amount of screen per square meter, which is suitable for full-color, double-color and monochrome LED display screen inside and outside the house. At present, the quotation of on-board LED display on the market, such as the common outdoor P6 full-color display screen, the price of the screen is 3500-5000 yuan per square meter, and the price of good quality products is relatively higher, which is related to the brand of LED beads and IC chips used. And that’s just the screen price.

2. Price factors of on-board LED display:

1: Price of LED on-board display panel. Screen cost accounts for more than 70% of the total investment of the project. Screen is composed of LED module, power supply, cabinet and power line.

2: Control system. It is divided into synchronous control and asynchronous control. Asynchronous control is common in single and double color LED display, and synchronous control is mostly used in the field of full color LED display.

Classification of On-board LED Display Screen

1. Taxi LED Advertising Bar Screen: mostly installed on the roof or rear window screen of taxi, used to scroll and broadcast text advertising information.

2. Truck LED full-color display screen: the truck is refitted into full-color LED display screen, high-definition display of advertising information, rich display of video content.

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