How to Develop Standardized and Individualized LED Display screen


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With the increasingly demanding society, customization is gradually emerging according to the different needs of the vast number of users. However, the emergence of customization is undoubtedly a good big impact on the display industry which has not yet been standardized in the whole industry. So is it to build the corresponding system of standardization or to customize it according to the demand of customers first? It will become an inevitable problem for the development of the industry.

In this rapidly developing 21st century era, customization of LED display screen has become more popular in the market. Especially in March and April before, Premier Li Keqiang took customization production into the main category of developing “new economy” when he answered questions from reporters at the NPC press conference, positioned it as a new driving force for China’s economic development, and from then on, customization has developed rapidly. Exhibition, there is a kind of momentum of rocking up to 3000 feet. But behind this, there are also some doubts from the field of standardized production in the industry: standardization is the kingdom of manufacturing industry. Whether standardization is kingly or customization is kingly remains to be seen.

With the increasing popularity of the interconnection era in the 21st century, a new round of market vitality has erupted, and the market demand is no longer unchanged. Many users are no longer satisfied with the same batch product customization in the past, but are pursuing unique products customized for themselves. For many LED display manufacturers, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry to seek a unique way to survive has become a top priority, catering to customer consumption needs, to create personalized customized products for customers has become a new breakthrough for many manufacturers. With the gradual change of many policies, the development of personalized customization is faster and faster, and the momentum is gradually overtaking the pace of the era of standardization construction.

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