Safety Cautions in Installation of Outdoor LED Display Screen

P5-outdoor-normal-size-die-casting-aluminium wall

With the popularity and use of outdoor LED display, the details ignored in the installation and use process will lead to potential safety problems, such as fire and screen collapse accidents. Therefore, we must pay attention to the safety of outdoor LED display screen. At present, advertising law, urban management departments and related departments are still in the imperfect stage of outdoor LED display advertisement, and the norms are further strengthened. Here are four points to focus on:

1. Outdoor LED display with high brightness

2. Steel structure is not strong enough

The structure of outdoor advertising LED display should be strong enough. Considering the heavy rainfall, thunderstorm and gale weather, and seismic grade, it should be set at a certain angle, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the structure, beautify the city, disseminate information, and obtain advertising revenue.

3. Fire and lightning protection

4. Technical problems such as electricity consumption in the early stage of installation need to be rigorous.

Pre-installation wiring problems, construction problems related to the installation of LED display effect, as well as post-maintenance convenience and safety, in the installation and construction process can not be careless, in order to avoid unnecessary losses. Above about outdoor LED display installation safety issues need attention, I hope to attract the attention of friends. At the same time, it is also one of the necessary tasks to inspect and troubleshoot LED screen frequently.

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