Dimensions and Classification of Four Kinds of LED Full-color Display Panel


We all know that LED rental display screen size is generally not small, it is not a whole screen, consisting of LED box splicing. What are the dimensions of full-color LED display boxes? Where are the common categories and applications? The following is the introduction.

I. Ferrous LED Box

This kind of box appeared in the early stage of the development of the LED industry. The box is slightly larger and heavier. The size of the iron LED display cabinets P10 is 1280 mm * 960 mm, 960 mm * 960 mm, 768 mm * 768 mm and so on. The iron box is divided into sealed and simple box. For the same size material, the price of sealed LED box is higher than that of simple box.

1. The protection level of sealed LED cabinet can be IP65, which can work normally in all kinds of environments. It is mainly used outdoors.

2. Simple LED display box, relatively simple workmanship, mainly indoor.

II. Die-cast Aluminum LED cabinet

Die-casting aluminium box is light in weight, reasonable in structure and high in precision. It can realize seamless splicing. At present, it basically occupies the market of indoor and leased LED display screen. Our latest die-cast aluminium LED box has been fully optimized and updated in terms of structure and performance. It is a compact rental display screen made of patents. The box has high splicing accuracy and is easy to disassemble, assemble and maintain. The following five-minute type boxes are introduced:

1. Indoor Die Casting Aluminum 480mm *480mm LED Box

The size of LED display box product strength and accuracy is high, a single weight of 9KG, product versatility, easy to upgrade, the same type of support P1.6 P2.5 P4.8 P5 rental display model.

2. Indoor Die Casting Aluminum 500mm *500mm LED Box

The size of the LED display panel alone, easy to use with most of the current modules, closer to the user’s private customization characteristics, favored by domestic and foreign customers, the same type of support for the lease of P3.91 P4.81 P4 P6.944 LED display model.

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