Six Core Technologies for Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen


It is believed that many people who know and practice clearly know that P1.875 small high definition LED display has high brightness, wide gamut, high contrast, super display effect and so on. However, it is also because these effects are widely loved by the masses and highly recognized by everyone. So the question is, how can small spacing LED display quickly enter the indoor application market? What technical requirements does it need to meet in such an environment? The following is  explanation of how the small spacing LED display screen can quickly enter the indoor application, which is not really difficult, as long as it meets the following requirements.

1. Reduce the dead light rate of the display lamp to ensure the stability of the screen.

The traditional LED display dead light rate is one in ten thousand in the industry standard, but small spacing LED display can not do it for the time being. If according to the previous standard, there is one dead light in ten thousand square meters, then the display screen can hardly be seen. Therefore, the mortality of small spacing LED display must be controlled at one hundred thousand or even one millionth to meet the needs of long-term use. Otherwise, if a large number of dead lights appear in a period of time, users will never be able to accept them.

2. Realizing Low Bright and High Grey

Many people know that human body induction lamp is different from outdoor display, which requires high brightness, refresh rate and energy saving. Indoor display needs to reduce the brightness. Experiments show that the brightness of LED (active light source) is twice as high as that of passive light source. For specific data, the best brightness of small spacing LED entering the room is 200-400 cd/m2. However, the gray loss caused by reducing brightness needs to be completed by technical supplement. At an exhibition, large screen display performance network released test samples of small spacing LED, and gave test methods and standards. Tests show that only a few LED display manufacturers can achieve low brightness and high gray at the same time, most manufacturers need to improve..

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