Judgment of Quality Level of LED Full-color Display Screen

Outdoor-Indoor-P5-P6-P8-P10 led panel

Customer friends all want to buy full-color LED display with good quality.  According to different led display manufacturers, technologies and materials of LED display screen, the products are graded as A, B, C and D according to their quality.

If the pursuit is the quality effect of LED display, then we can choose brand-type LED display manufacturers to produce A-grade products with high quality main materials; if we pursue high performance-price ratio, we will naturally choose brand-type enterprises to produce B-grade products with common main materials; while those who blindly pursue low prices can only choose OEM enterprises to produce B/C-grade products with high quality main materials. we are a 13-year-old brand enterprise. It only provides Class A and B products. From raw material procurement to product production and testing, it carries out control and supervision according to strict procedures to ensure that qualified products are handed over to customers.

Excellent full-color LED display screen uses high-quality raw materials, besides, the design level, processing technology, construction experience and maintenance of enterprises directly affect the project’s effect, quality, life and operation cost. Therefore, customers must understand these differences before choosing full-color LED display, in order to make the best choice.

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