The Difference between Black lamp led display and White LED Display


At present, the LED display on the market uses white light beads. However, in recent years, black LED packaging devices (black lights) have emerged, especially in small pitch HD LED displays and stage scenery screens. It confuses many first-time users. Here are two different packaging technologies for you.

To understand the black screen LED display, we must first understand the concept of white light. LED is made of plastic brackets and light emitting chips. In the early days, light emitting chips were not bright enough, so engineers made plastic brackets into white bowls to enhance focus and reflection, to ensure that the chips with less brightness achieved a brighter effect. But white light also has shortcomings. When it wants to show black and gray, the color of its light-emitting secondary tube (white) also participates in the color of the electronic display screen, which results in color distortion (can not show black, gray, dark green, etc.). Engineers compensate for the lack of brightness by losing color expression.

At present, the trend is that the brightness of wafers is getting higher and higher, and people are demanding higher and higher image display effect. In order to meet the needs of high-end display market, we have developed and launched its own black LED display products. And in the United States market, European and American market and Japan market, the use of black tube high-end LED display has been very common. At present, high-end LED display screen using black tube is the trend.

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