The Important Core of Energy-saving LED Display Screen


In the LED display industry, LED also has a considerable number of energy-saving and environmental protection products, such as energy-saving LED display screen, more than 60% energy-saving than the conventional display screen, then how ? Here are some key elements of energy-saving LED display.

1. Using high-energy driver chip and design circuit. LED display chip adopts constant current noise reduction technology to ensure that the impact of other noise sources such as power supply on the screen is minimized. In the design of the circuit, the brightness of the screen is automatically adjusted according to the brightness of different weather and environment, which not only has the best display effect, but also has the greatest effect on energy saving.

2. Adopt good efficient and energy-saving LED beads. There are many manufacturers of LED display lamps at home and abroad, and their products are of different quality. Cooperative manufacturers are well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and have long-term cooperative relations with Japan, the United States, Taiwan and other international well-known enterprises. These enterprise brands of LED beads not only have uniform color, good consistency, but also have high luminous efficiency, strong anti-static ability and are not easy to die. It has longer life and more stable performance. Although the price is higher than ordinary LED beads, it can save operation cost and achieve the best effect in the long run.

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