Leader for the indoor and outdoor stage rental screen


In recent years, the demand of LED display market is increasing, the technology application is upgrading, and the requirements of market users are also increasing. In addition to some conventional LED displays, creative led display is also very popular with users. Among them, stage rental screen is also shining brilliantly, and some LEDs which have great potential in creative display emerge in the industry. Display manufacturers are such a leading enterprise.

First of all, the traditional stage rental screen is mainly realized by the traditional rectangular flat module assembly or edge wrapping, which can not solve the problem of seam and smoothness, which will affect the conventional display effect of the display screen. To solve this problem, we have developed various shapes of special-shaped modules, which can be spliced into various irregular structures such as spherical, rhombic, fan-shaped, gem-shaped, cylindrical, arc-shaped LED display. It solves the disadvantage of inconvenience greatly. However, such a display screen can adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building well. The size and size of the screen can be customized according to certain requirements, so it can better meet the personalized needs of customers.

Secondly, as a novel display screen, stage rental screen can play a tremendous role in modern decoration, setting off the atmosphere and so on, so it has been in the front of the advertising sharp weapon attracting thousands of eyeballs. With the gradual popularity of this display market, in the near future, whether individual business or large brand manufacturers, can use the advantages of this display screen to attract more customers, through this display screen to introduce products and decorative environment, which will bring more economic benefits.

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