Brief Discussion on Maintenance Ways of LED Display Screen fixed rental


With the continuous development of economy, the application of LED display screen rental and fixed panels in our life is becoming wider and wider. They can be seen in front-door advertisements, building advertisements, exhibitions, radio and television, stadiums and other places. Whenever the night falls and the lights come on, the LED display screen puts on a beautiful coat for the city we live in. It is so beautiful!

First, the maintenance methods of LED display are mainly divided into pre-maintenance and post-maintenance. Before we know the difference between these two maintenance methods, we should first be clear that the choice of maintenance methods is inseparable from the installation of LED display. The installation methods of LED display mainly include wall mounting, mosaic mounting, roof mounting and column mounting.

2. Pre-maintenance: The biggest feature of pre-maintenance is to save space. For indoor or mosaic-mounted structures, space is extremely expensive, so there will not be too many places left as maintenance channels. Therefore, the pre-maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display structure, which can not only integrate well with the surrounding building environment, but also save space while guaranteeing the effect. However, the heat dissipation function of this structure is very high.

3. Post-maintenance: The greatest advantage of post-maintenance is convenience. It is suitable for large outdoor LED display screen, roof type, wall-mounted type and column type. It is convenient and efficient for inspection and maintenance. For those large LED displays installed in the exterior wall of the building, it is more convenient for maintenance personnel to enter and operate from the rear.

In summary, for different application environments and actual needs, front and rear maintenance needs flexible use, in order to better and faster solve the problem of LED display failure.

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