How to Solve the Blackout Screen Problem of LED Display Screen


In the process of using the led video wall control system, we occasionally encounter the phenomenon of black screen on the LED display screen. the process of blackening LED display screen will vary according to different operation or different environment. For example, it may be black at the moment of power on, it may become black during loading, it may become black after sending, and so on. So what should we do when the LED screen appears black? The following edition gives you an introduction to how to operate.

First, please ensure that all hardware including the control system has been correctly powered on.

2. Check and repeatedly confirm whether the serial line used to connect the controller is loose or falling off. If the blackening occurs during the loading process, it may be due to this reason, that is, during the communication process due to the loosening of the communication line and the interruption, so the screen is black. Do not think that the LED screen is not moving, the line can not be loose, please check it by hand, which is very important for you to solve the problem quickly.

3. Check and confirm whether the HUB distribution board connected with the LED display screen and the main control card is tightly connected and insert back.

Master the above several methods, so that you can solve the problem of black screen of LED display perfectly.

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