Misunderstandings in Selecting and Purchasing LED Display Screen


When buying an LED display, everyone is eager to choose a satisfactory and inexpensive LED display indoor outdoor rental series. But when many people choose and buy, they are more or less trapped in some screen selection errors. What are the errors?

First, to buy the best: First of all, choose and buy LED display screen should be combined with their own actual situation, while meeting the needs, there must be some advanced ideas, but can not blindly pursue the best. Although expensive is generally better, it depends on whether it can be used symmetrically and according to its own economic situation. Otherwise, it will only waste more money on functions it does not need.

Second, national standards and industry standards: the general specification for LED display screen is part of the standard in the 1990s, and now it is 2017. Looking back at the previous standards, too many changes have taken place. Take for example, the runaway point, the national standard is 5/10,000, take the indoor double primary color LED display as an example. Generally, the display screen with standard resolution of 740480 is 10 square meters and 42465 points per square meter. According to the national standard, there can be 120 out of control points. But no one will buy such LED screen in the rapid development of modern life.

3. Software is free and inexpensive: There is a common problem in Chinese enterprises nowadays, that is, only the production is not R&D. The same problem also exists in the LED display industry today. At present, only a few LED display companies have their own genuine software, many people may not know that it is illegal to use piracy now. Low price is good, but not necessarily what we want, more importantly, cost-effective. The same is true, not necessarily to buy at a low price, which is more difficult to distinguish.

The above points are common errors in purchasing LED display screens summarized by the editor. I hope that when purchasing, we can use the above points as a reference, and combine our own actual situation to purchase, we can definitely buy a satisfactory and inexpensive LED display screen.

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