Opportunities of LED display panels are exploding in an all-round way.


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Recently, the news of LED display industry is endless: Samsung LED in Thai cinema, Columbus Hall Hall Center Hall in the United States sunning “self-timer” screen, Taigurinan District Plaza in Beijing playing large interactive tile screen; the street in Britain now LED intelligent zebra line… At the same time, these news have brought more development directions to the industry: originally, there are so many fields penetrated by the display screen, which can also be so dazzling!

In recent years, after technological breakthroughs, China’s LED display screen has developed rapidly, with remarkable scale effect, and products are becoming more and more mature, especially packaging and core “spacing” technology breakthroughs, which has directly built today’s small spacing LED display market booming trend, and the market is constantly developing towards standardization, refinement and innovation.

According to statistics, the global LED display market will be 16 billion US dollars in 2016, and it is expected that the global LED display market will reach 31 billion US dollars in 2020, with huge market space. China’s LED display screen is ushering in a huge opportunity for market development at home and abroad, such a large market, only the courage to innovate and constantly break through, in order to fully stimulate potential market opportunities. After all, the value of a product’s existence is simply that it will constantly generate topics and even remind people of the impact of its existence on others and society.

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