Calculating Method of LED Module Size of LED Full-color Display Screen


LED high-definition full-color display unit is the box, the box is composed of a certain number of LED modules. Therefore, the choice of a model of LED display screen, will be based on the size of the area or length, so as to calculate the number of boxes and modules required. So here, the size calculation of full-color LED display module is introduced, which is convenient for you to understand.

LED High Definition Full Color Display Screen

1. Point spacing, module size and quantity calculation

1. Point spacing calculation method:

Point spacing is the distance between a pixel and another pixel in mm. The common point spacing of P10 outdoor LED display is 10 mm, while that of P12 full-color LED display is 12 mm, and so on.

2. Dimension calculation method of LED module:

Here is an example of P10 outdoor full-color LED display, which is 32 points in length and 16 points in width. The calculation method of module size is as follows.

Length = Long Points * Point Spacing Width = Wide Points * Point Spacing

Length = 32 points * 10 mm = 320 mm

Height = 16 *10 mm = 160 mm

3. Module Number of LED High Definition Full Color Display Screen

Length Use Modules x Height Use Modules = Total Use Modules

Above is the calculation method of LED HD full-color display module size. If you want to know more about the price and size of the display screen and box module, you can contact us. In addition, it is worth noting that when making the product quotation and goods list, LED display manufacturers will involve the size and quantity of boxes and modules, in order to facilitate customers to clearly understand the contents of the list.

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