Price and Quotation of Outdoor LED Display Screen P10

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Which model is the most used outdoors? There is no doubt that outdoor P10 full-color LED display. Many customers who need or intend to need outdoor advertising screens will give preference to recommend the use of P10, which can basically meet the daily application and has a high cost-effective ratio. As for the price of outdoor LED screen P10, there are many factors, such as screen size, material and so on. Now let’s get to know:

Box Size Pixel Specification Module Size (mm) Module Points

960*960 1R1G1B 160*160 16*16 960*640 1R1G1B 160*320 16*32

960*11201 R1G1B 160*160 16*16 960*960*9601 R1G1B 160*320 16*32

1. Material’s influence on the price of LED display screen P10:

Materials can be classified into imported materials and domestic materials.

Second, the impact of supporting system on the price of outdoor LED display screen P10:

1. System accessories: sending card, receiving card and transfer card;

2. Play system: control computer, multimedia card or graphics card, play software;

3. Editing system: editing computer, video compression card and editing software;

4. Monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software;

5. Protection system: heat dissipation system, distribution system, lightning protection system;

6. Audio system: loudspeaker + speaker;

7. Video input equipment: DVD/VCD, VCR and CCTV;

8. Text input: scanner, digital camera. The above accessories and equipment are optional except system accessories and playback system.

Third, the influence of construction factors on the price quotation of LED display screen P10:

Fourth, other factors affect the price of LED display screen P10:

Payment method, tax rate, transportation mode and the factors of LED display manufacturers themselves all determine the price of outdoor full-color screen.

At present, the quotation range of outdoor LED display panel P10 is 3500-6000 yuan per square meter. The quotation of each LED display panel manufacturer will be different, of course, the quality and performance will also be different.

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