What causes outdoor LED video display to be easily damaged?


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With the continuous development of social progress,  people began to gradually enhance the environmental awareness of outdoor LED display screen. And the LED display screen has also been popularized, as a kind of “inexhaustible, inexhaustible” new energy security and environmental protection. LED display screen has also made a contribution to street lighting, so LED display street lamp has slowly begun to have its current market position. In order to popularize LED display street lamp, we need to understand the stability of our LED display street lamp. In fact, the stability of LED display street lamp is mainly reflected in three aspects: no sudden lights out, the quality of LED light source is good, and it can work in continuous rainy and cloudy days.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

1. Will not suddenly extinguish: LED display lamp is to absorb the amount of outdoor LED display as energy, charging the battery when the sun comes out, when the environment is dim to a certain extent, the battery will give the street lamp lighting work the operation of electricity

2. Quality of LED light source: LED light source for street lamp LED display screen generally uses LED light head, because LED light head has many advantages, long lighting life (about 100,000 hours), and will not emit excessive heat in use, which greatly prolongs the service life of light source.

3. It can also be used normally in successive rainy and rainy days: Outdoor LED display street lights use LED display to generate electricity, so they can also normally carry out lighting work in sunless days.

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