The Present Situation and Future Direction of LED Display Industry

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Over the past few years, LED display has been widely used in the field of small and medium-sized led video display, and has gradually entered the field of large-area display and lighting. In 1987, Tang et al. of Kodak Company, USA, developed low-voltage and high-brightness organic light-emitting diodes (LED display) using organic small-molecule semiconductor materials, which showed the wide application prospects of organic light-emitting devices for the first time. Since then, the LED display has become a research hotspot in academia and industry, and the products of LED display have gradually entered people’s daily life.

Current situation and development direction of LED display industry:

As an LED display screen, the LED display screen featuring planar luminescence has the advantages of easy realization of white light, ultra-thin light source and arbitrary shape light source, and has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and safety.

The next 5-10 years will be a critical period for the development of LED display technology, industry and market. Governments and enterprises in the United States, China and other countries have increased their investment and R&D efforts in LED display, striving to occupy a favorable position in the future LED display industry.

While the technology of LED display wall is steadily improving, manufacturers are also actively promoting the market-oriented progress of LED display products. Since the company first introduced the first LED display products in China, various manufacturers around the world have also launched LED display products, which promotes the transformation of LED display from research and development to market. Since 2008, China and Japan have also launched LED display products in the market.

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