Difference between DIP and SMD package outdoor LED display


In the production process of full-color LED display, packaging is a very important solution. Nowadays, there are two common outdoor LED display packaging methods on the market: DIP and SMD packaging. What are the differences between the two packages and what are their advantages and disadvantages? Shenzhen LED display manufacturers will answer the following questions for you:

What is the function of LED display package?

Connect the external lead to the electrodes of the LED display chip, protect the LED display chip, improve the luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, and then enhance the life of the LED.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

Contrast effect of direct insertion DIP and encapsulated SMD LED display

I. DIP Packaging

DIP package is the abbreviation of dual inline-pin package, commonly known as plug-in type. It was first developed. The LED beads are manufactured by the manufacturers, and then inserted into the PCB lamp board of the LED by the manufacturers of the LED module and the LED display screen. The semi-outdoor module and the outdoor waterproof module of the DIP are produced by wave soldering.

Moreover, the DIP packaging mode is used for production, which has complex process, is not easy to mechanize production, and has low production efficiency. In addition, DIP led manufacturers are numerous, without high technology and equipment threshold, fierce competition, many manufacturers use inferior raw materials and PCB boards, reduce costs to win market share, low quality, almost no perfect after-sales guarantee.

II. SMD Packaging

SMD package, meaning: surface mount device, it is one of SMT components. Surface Mount Components (SMEs) were introduced about 20 years ago and ushered in a new era. For a long time, it was believed that all pin components could eventually be packaged in SMD. SMD technology is widely used in LED outdoor display.

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