What are the technical requirements of outdoor stadium LED display

In addition to the atmosphere and brilliant scoring moments of the Euro Cup, there are LED screen wall fences for outdoor stadiums beside the stadium. Through these LED displays, you can see the eyes attracted by the hot marketing campaign. What’s the difference between LED fence display and general outdoor display?

Structural Characteristics of LED Display Box for Courtyard Fence

I. Unique Structure

The fence screen of outdoor LED display screen is connected by many single LED boxes, which are connected by button connectors. This design can be easily and quickly disassembled and maintained. Each box has a separate supporting foot behind it. The angle between the screen and the ground can be adjusted by the supporting foot. The angle range can be adjusted from 65 to 90 degrees to ensure the viewing angle of the audience.

3. High level of protection

Outdoor LED transparent screen needs to withstand the test of harsh environment such as sunshine, rain, high and low temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, earthquake resistance, typhoon and so on. Therefore, the protection level is at least over IP65, so the manufacturing process is relatively complex to ensure the stability and safety of the fence screen of outdoor LED stadium.

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