Common Dimensions and Selection Skills of Stage LED Display Screen

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Stage LED display is now widely used in concerts, TV programs and large-scale performances or video streaming advertising, through the large led display screen to see the above performance skills and effects, rich and colorful content, vivid effect. For friends who need or intend to need, what are the dimensions of stage LED display? How to choose the type? Answer to you:

The LED stage screen is used indoors and outdoors. The following are the dimensions of the stage LED display screen:

Classification of stage LED displays:

1. Home screen, the main screen is the most central stage LED display screen. Most of the shapes are square or rectangular. The main display stage live broadcast and performance screen, so the main screen pixels and display requirements are high, model specifications mainly select P3, P4, P5.

II. Selection Skills of Stage LED Display Screen:

1. If it is a performance stage, temporary conference stage, wedding indoor and outdoor shooting wedding dress stage and other places, generally requires soft light, relatively close viewing distance, about 5 meters range, at this time to consider the accuracy of the display screen, the effect of the shot, installation and movement is convenient and other issues, the optional models are P4 and P5.

2. If the stage is used, the first model to be considered is the P4 indoor LED display. Both the audience and the performers on the stage can clearly see the screen display. When the budget price is over-expenditure, consider P5 full-color screen, but the display effect varies greatly within the 3-meter visual range, P4 will be much higher

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