How to Select Good Full-color LED Display Screen video panels?

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Compared with the usual narrow pixel pitch LED display screen and energy-saving lamp, full-color LED display screen has many advantages. It has a longer life and more energy-saving and environmental protection. Therefore, full-color LED display screen has gradually become the “main force” of social lighting. As non-professionals, how should we choose a good full-color LED display? When purchasing LED display, in addition to clearly see the parameters of the LED display (wattage, service life, color temperature), we should also pay attention to the following three functional requirements should be satisfied.

Full-color LED display screen

First, the function of lighting, lighting is the most basic function of the LED display screen, but, you know, the color temperature is different, the impact of light is also different.

Second, it is the function of eye protection. Let’s do an interesting experiment first: turn on the mobile camera and aim it at an LED display screen locally within the light 15. Do you feel the texture of the screen flashing? If not, congratulations, the LED display screen you selected is qualified; if so, you should pay attention to it, which is what we often call the stroboscopic image of the LED display screen. The damage of stroboscopic vision to the eyes is endless, especially for those who work and study for a long time under the light, they need to pay attention to it. In addition, LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are made from semiconductor materials with very thin beam layers, and the declared light contains blue light. Overtouching blue light in both eyes can cause damage to the retina. Therefore, it is very important to select an eye-protecting LED display.

If you don’t know how to buy your favorite full-color advertising LED display screen, you may as well learn from the above steps of LED display screen, starting from these norms, to build a warm and comfortable atmosphere for social space and your family.

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