Characteristics of flexible soft LED display modules

led soft video display (3)

LED display screen, also known as LED electronic screen, controls the display mode of semiconductor light-emitting diodes. It is usually composed of many light-emitting diodes (red) to display the characters on. A display screen for displaying various information (including text, graphics, images, animations, quotations, videos and video signals). With the development and progress of LED display technology, a variety of LED displays for different purposes have appeared. Today I will introduce the characteristics of LED soft screen to you.
The LED soft screen is composed of LED gratings. Red, green and blue beads are used to display text, pictures, animations and videos. The content can be changed at any time. Each component is a modular display device. The ingenious structure design realizes the transverse and longitudinal bending deformation installation, even the most complex installation requirements can be fully realized; it is usually composed of display module, control system and power supply system. Features include:
Suitable for complex installation environment: horizontal and vertical bending deformation installation, even in complex installation environment, can also show the perfect picture.
Easy maintenance: LED built-in strip structure, replace a single pole, just screw three nuts, you can quickly maintain on site.
Even if it rains, it can also provide high protection: the M series soft curtain wall tested by a third-party professional organization has a protection level of IP65, which can be safely used in outdoor environment even in bad rain weather.
Lightweight (12kg / m2): you can save the installation time and cost of the product, the cost is 12kg / m2, one person can easily install and transport.
Indoor LED soft screen
Transparent: with pixel strip structure, the permeability of the product reaches 60%, the air resistance is very low, and it can withstand the maximum wind force of 12, so it can be used safely in windy weather.
Ultra thin: small size, only 11 mm, you save temporary storage space and transport packaging space, use and transport are very convenient.
Professional connection, fast connection, safe and reliable: select professional aviation plug, safe and reliable IP65 or higher protection level for connection, so that you can access it quickly.
Reliable, reliable and high quality power supply: select high quality power supply for stable product operation.
General LED display functions:
1. High brightness: the brightness of outdoor LED display is greater than 8000mcd / m2, which is the only large display terminal that can be used all day; the brightness of indoor LED display is 2000md / m2, which is greater than 8000mcd / m2.
2. Long life: the longest life of LED can reach 100000 hours (10 years). This parameter usually indicates the design life with dark brightness.
3. Large viewing angle: the indoor angle can be greater than 160 degrees, and the outdoor angle can be greater than 120 degrees. The size of the viewing angle depends on the appearance of the LED. 4. The screen area is less than 1 square meter, up to hundreds or thousands of square meters.
5. Computer interface, support software rich;
6. Comparison of typical large display terminals.
This characteristic analysis shows that led soft screen is better than ordinary LED screen. That is, light, thin, transparent, easy to install and maintain, flexible bending, energy saving and so on. With the development of LED display technology, more and more LED displays with higher quality and energy efficiency will appear in the future.

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