Precautions for use of LED electronic display screen

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With the development of LED electronic display industry in China, the number of LED large screen displays in the streets and alleys of major cities is gradually increasing, and people’s consumption level is also constantly improving. LED electronic screens are gradually applied in the daily life of families. LED electronic display not only improves the image of the city, but also enriches people’s cultural life. From this point, we can see the development trend of LED industry How fast is it going. Some companies using LED electronic display do not fully understand the operation and precautions of LED electronic display, thus shortening the service life of LED electronic display.
1、 Precautions for LED electronic screen of switch:
1. Switch sequence:
When starting: turn on the power first, and turn on the screen later.
When closing the screen: close the screen first and exit later
(if you don’t turn off the computer first, and then turn off the LED electronic screen, bright spots will appear on the screen, and burning the LED may lead to serious consequences. )For more information
2. The time interval between opening and closing the screen must be at least 5 minutes.
3. The computer must enter the engineering control software to power up the screen.
4. Do not turn on the screen in full white state, because the impulse current of the system is the largest.
5. The impulse current of the system is the largest. Please do not open the screen when it is out of control.
A. the computer has not entered the control software program.
B. the computer is not powered on;
C. the power supply of control part is not turned on.
6. When the ambient temperature is too high or the thermal state is not good, the LED lamp should not open the screen for a long time.
7. When some lines of LED electronic screen are very bright, we should pay attention to turn off the screen on time. In this state, we can’t turn on the screen for a long time.
8. It is necessary to check the screen or replace the power switch when the power switch of LED electronic screen trips frequently.
9. Check the hook’s firmness regularly. If there is looseness, please timely adjust, re reinforce or update the fasteners.
10. The trunk of the screen is displayed on the large screen, and insect bites are prevented according to the control part. Rodenticides are placed when necessary.
2、 Change, control part, change notice
1. The power line of the computer and control part is 0, so the fire can not be reversed, and it must be inserted accurately according to the original position. If there are peripherals, test whether the chassis is charged after connection.
2. When moving the computer and other control units, check whether the connecting line and control board are loose before starting the machine.
3. The position and length of communication line and plane connecting line cannot be changed freely.
4. After short circuit detection, tripping, burning line, smoke and other abnormalities occur, the power test cannot be repeated when moving, and the problems should be found in time.
3、 Notes on operation and use of LED electronic screen software
1. Software backup: it is recommended to use “one click restore program, software installation program, database, etc.), which is easy to operate.
2. Proficient in installation method, original data recovery and backup.

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