China led display manufacturers move towards the “smile curve”

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“Smile Curve” was founded in 1992 by Mr. Shi Zhenrong, the founder of Acer Group, in order to “recreate Acer” to propose the famous “SmilingCurve” theory as the strategic direction of Acer. After more than a decade, Mr. Shi Zhenrong has revised the “smile curve” to introduce the so-called “Industrial Smile Curve” as the medium- and long-term development strategy of various industries in Taiwan.

The status quo of most of the LED display industry in China is at the low profit level of “smile theory”. Most LED display companies are simply assembled, OEM and OEM. The LED shows that the company wants to grow and develop, it should be technology and brand, and it will go to the profit level of “smile theory”.

China’s LED display industry, the status quo of contradiction

In the 1990s, it was the initial stage of China’s LED display industry. After decades of development, it has gradually become a relatively complete system, becoming the global* LED display application production base, and China’s display sales in 2018. The total sales in the world accounted for 81%.

China’s LED display manufacturer is big but not strong. China’s manufacturing is more “Chinese assembly”. It is in the “smile curve” profit low, LED display industry highlights such characteristics, many manufacturers are only based on products. Assembled foundry, the company has no core technology and is subject to people everywhere. In recent years, with the improvement of competition awareness in the industry, some enterprises in the industry have gradually penetrated the upstream and downstream of the LED display industry, and strengthened the research and development of core technologies. The number of patent applications has also increased year by year. Only by mastering the core technology and possessing our own patents can we be truly powerful, and let China’s LED display manufacturing become truly Chinese, and we can move toward the profitable level of “smile theory.”

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