LED rotating display screen wall advantages and features


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With the advancement of social science and technology and the development of outdoor advertising, people’s aesthetic requirements for LED outdoor advertising are getting higher and higher, and traditional LED large screens with a single shape can no longer meet people’s needs. Therefore, more and more outdoor advertisers have recently broken the monotonous “Founder” display window, and the pursuit of distinctiveness in the styling is more and more. The LED outdoor advertising market has more and more display projects for creative styling. They have a powerful eye-catching effect.

What is the LED rotating screen

The LED rotating screen is a combination of a three-sided billboard and an LED electronic display. The industry also calls it LED two-sided rotating screen. Its working principle is: one of the original three sides of the triangular prism is replaced by an LED display module, and the other two sides still use the body sticker picture. In this way, it alternately displays two body stickers in the daytime, and at night, the LED display module surface is automatically rotated out to play a video picture, which is equivalent to a conventional LED display.

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