China LED display screens still stands out as the manufacturing base

Full-Color-LED-Display-P3-91-Indoor panel

In recent years, the foreign LED display industry has grown rapidly, the strength of foreign LED display manufacturers is gradually increasing, and the market will spread all over the domestic provinces and even countries, but now many manufacturers have begun to focus on the domestic LED market and participate in the global market competition.

From the past to the present global LED market, China is the world’s largest market, accounting for about 35% – 40% of the global market. With the increasingly saturated domestic LED market and the increasing number of domestic manufacturers and manufacturers of LED display, the competition is extremely fierce. Chinese manufacturers of LED display must “go out” and embrace the global market in order to find a new space for the development and growth of manufacturers. However, in recent years, many major domestic policies have led to the economic development of neighboring countries, as well as the closer ties between China and the global economy, and the domestic market of LED display has a broad space for development.

After years of development, China’s LED display industry has occupied more than 70% of the global LED display market and has a pivotal position in the world. The mainstream foreign market will continue to grow steadily in 2017. The growing trend of LED display market in emerging Japan, Korea, Middle East countries and Southeast Asian countries is obvious. With the economic development of these countries, the foundation is laid. With the construction of facilities, the demand for LED display screen will increase continuously. At the same time, with the deepening of China’s “Silk Road Economic Belt” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” related economic development strategy, China’s economic ties with foreign countries and other related countries will become closer, which will form favorable conditions for the export of LED display screen and have a greater market potential.

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