The application of LED video display screen will be more and more diverse


It is well known that in the past, because of the led screen technical constraints, the LED display screen panels can only meet some of the ordinary people’s needs for a lot of time, and whether in shape or quality is only a single comparison, but now with the rapid development of display technology, people’s demand for display effect is growing, in addition to meeting the most basic display requirements, now LED display. Display screens will also begin to integrate with the surrounding environment. In addition to self-brightness adjustment, adapting to harsh environment, there are many more display screens and other characteristics of LED display screens springing up in people’s lives, and in the current global urbanization construction, showing a rapidly changing market development trend. Therefore, with the increase of these technologies, the competition for enterprises in this industry is also growing.

We are a leader in the field of LED display. With its creative display and light transmission characteristics, we have opened up a new subdivision area of LED display. It has been widely used in urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, 4S automobile shops and airports, and meets the needs of more users. In recent years, innovative LED display

LED Display Screen

As another powerful enterprise with strong characteristics in the market of LED display screen. The appearance of display screen often shocks people’s eyeballs, but also produces a kind of special-shaped screen. This special-shaped screen, by virtue of its “unusual” characteristics, is composed of special-shaped modules as a new presentation carrier in the advertising industry. It can be spliced into various irregular structure forms such as spherical, diamond, fan, gem, cylindrical, arc and so on. It can be well adapted to buildings. The overall structure and environment, the size and size of the screen can be customized according to certain requirements to meet the personalized needs of customers. Whatever strange shape customers want to make, now with the gradual opening of the LED special-shaped screen market, in the near future, whether individual business or large brand manufacturers, can make good use of the advantages of the special-shaped LED screen to attract more customers, through the special-shaped LED screen to introduce products and decorative environment, so as to bring more economic benefits. Overall, because of its specific module customization characteristics and related technologies still need to be improved, the price of special-shaped screen is still relatively expensive, and it is rarely seen in the market.

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