How to make LED display more energy-saving and environmental protection


Now the LED display panel is more energy-saving than the traditional light-emitting mode. So, what changes have been made in energy-saving and environmental protection by the manufacturers of LED display panel with the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental protection?

I. Noise Reduction Technology of Display Screen

Nowadays, all the driver chips of LED display screen use advanced special chip system of LED display screen, which is the first one in the field of full-color LED display screen. Combined with all the good characteristics of the chip, the noise reduction technology ensures that the influence of power supply and other noise sources on the LED electronic display screen is minimized.

II. Selection and Purchase Material of Display Screen


We also know that the LED display will release a lot of heat after a long time of work. If the heat is not emitted in time, it will cause a certain amount of damage to the display body, affecting the normal use of the screen. In order to ensure the normal operation of the display screen in a stable environment, LED display manufacturers have strengthened the cooling system of the display screen. Through the research on the heat dissipation system of the LED display screen manufacturer in Shenzhen, a strong convective heat exhaust system is developed, which makes the heat dissipation system of the LED display screen more stable by using the heat conduction effect of aluminium. It avoids the slow heat dissipation.

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