China LED video display manufacturers should take quality as priority


With the rapid development of domestic economy in recent years, whether from the led video wall product manufacturing industry itself or the terminal consumer market, various led signs show that China has entered an era of speaking on the basis of product quality.

On the other hand, the renewal and application of new technologies have prompted people to pursue high-quality life more and more. At present, consumer demand is changing dramatically, and terminal customers’perception of quality has been greatly different from the past. When product quality becomes an important barrier for industry development, it is necessary for LED screen enterprises to follow the quality line to meet the needs of the times. Over the years, LED display companies have paid more and more attention to the continuous transformation and upgrading of products and services, so as to bring greater benefits to users as far as possible.

In the early years, because of the rapid expansion of the LED display industry, there are many enterprises with no qualifications and no production strength in the industry. As a result, many enterprises have the opportunity to mix the fish with the beads. So far, the development of the LED display industry is in a stage of constant adjustment and improvement. In addition, the pressure of rising raw material prices has been increasing recently, while the channel wholesale. In order to represent screen enterprises, there is another trend of “price war”, and the price advantage of small and medium-sized screen enterprises is gradually disappearing.

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