The LED display video market is about to usher in a new era


LED display market is still dominated by media advertising, stadium/indoor and outdoor retail markets. These segments contribute an objective market turnover to the entire display category. It is worth mentioning that the retail market showed further stable growth in 2017, most of which also appeared in the indoor application category. The proportion of transportation, indoor and outdoor applications was slightly larger, which increased by nearly 60% compared with the same period last year. Such a high growth rate is mostly attributed to the drive of small spacing products. Since its birth, small spacing LED products have been breaking the pattern changes in the field of commercial display, bringing growing challenges and new inclusion to LED display enterprises.

According to the latest market report , the competition pattern of LED display market is still relatively scattered. The market share contributed by brands accounted for nearly half of the total sales in 2017, and the rest was replaced by other Chinese brands. So far in 2017, there are more than 400 manufacturers of LED display in China, which benefit from the large-scale promotion of the domestic market, some of which are concentrated in international expansion. The main reason is that these LED display manufacturers have been focusing on price-driven sales strategy, gradually eroding the market share of other manufacturers.

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