Where originates outdoor LED video display advertisement ?

shenzhen-TY-supply-p2-5-p3-91 screen

Since the emergence of cities and the development of urban construction, there have been outdoor media advertising. From the initial wood carving brand, lantern banner, to the present computer spray painting, neon signs, LED display screen, outdoor media advertising has lasted for a long time. Outdoor media advertising is the most popular form of expression and has a wide range of affinity. In recent years, China’s economy has maintained a steady and rapid growth. In a good environment, the outdoor advertising market has a relatively large growth trend. As an important carrier of outdoor advertising media, Shenzhen LED display screen is also accompanied by outdoor advertising, helping outdoor advertising develop rapidly.

With the rapid development of China’s advertising market, outdoor advertising market has maintained a relatively rapid growth rate. As an important carrier of outdoor advertising, the development of LED display is accompanied by its high growth, which has realized the expansion of the industry. Many carriers that used to be based on spray painting have gradually turned to LED display. LED screen can change the display content, but also display dynamic video files, so it is richer than the general print advertising. With its brightness, density and higher luminous uniformity, LED display has won wide recognition from outdoor advertisers.

Faced with the creative mode of outdoor advertisement of LED display screen, LED display screen should be regarded as product innovation and provide higher quality product service for outdoor advertisement display manufacturers. At the same time, there are many differences in the size of the large screen of the LED display. In order to ensure the consistency of the effect, the manufacturers of the LED display should make further efforts in the research of the high-definition outdoor advertising LED display, so as to better win a development opportunity belonging to the LED display.

The application of multi-screen integration in outdoor advertisement is very extensive, and it will be a brand-new form of outdoor advertisement display. Advertising industry has entered an era of multi-screen interaction. Traditional TV, network video, mobile video, outdoor building TV media and so on constitute a media environment of large video. Multi-screen integration has become a consensus of the existing social advertising community.

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