The Impact and Charm of Stage Rental LED Display Screen Panels

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With the rapid development of social and cultural industries, as well as the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic and ornamental level, a single form of stage design and stage effect has long been unable to meet people’s needs. Based on this progressive situation, many new technologies, new materials and new ideas have gradually become the elements of modern digital dance beauty design. Stage rental LED display is more and more popular with the stage because of its brilliant color, extending and supplementing the stage performance and enriching the performance content. In modern society, LED display screen is the perfect combination of technology and media. It will show the perfect performance, and become a new force first.

We all know that stage rental LED display is widely used in stage performances and TV evenings, so it often involves live broadcasting and shooting. If the design and material selection are unreasonable, it will lead to our common water ripple phenomenon, which is often called molar ripple. Once this problem troubled many LED display manufacturers, many LED display manufacturers to solve this problem, but also put forward many corresponding solutions. Like the display screen with high-definition high-order PWM driver IC launched , this problem has been well solved for the majority of users.

Now the LED rental screen market has become more and more mature, with the maturity of small space technology and cost reduction year by year, and for small space rental, industry insiders revealed that in any event site, the minimum visual distance will be 3 to 5 meters. So the future development direction of LED rental screen should be in two aspects: household appliances operation and convenient maintenance. Home appliances operation will also be a key part of the application of LED rental screen. Anyone should be able to operate without requiring professional technicians. Convenient maintenance and free replacement of any damaged area are the inevitable direction of technological development. Only in this way can the products with high intelligence and convenience be widely loved by the public.

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