COB package LED display for 4K 8K led video wall advertising

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What is cob display? Cob display is a kind of LED electronic display that uses cob packaging process to package the light-emitting chip directly to the PCB motherboard. It is characterized by durability, high protection and good image quality.
1. Cob packaging technology using cob packaging technology, the real fully sealed structure: the pixel is packaged on the PCB motherboard, the equipment is completely sealed, the surface is smooth, solid, protection level, shockproof, anti-collision, strong compression, real prevention (water, wet, wet, fog, dust, dust).) display, high stability, easy to maintain later, can directly wipe the screen stains with water.
2. Smaller space, clearer picture: no SMT rearrangement, pixels without repair space, more pixels per unit area, more monitors, more delicate picture.
3. Visual experience, suppression of moire pattern: high fill factor optical design, “face light” luminescence, matte coating, high contrast, reduce glare, effectively resist blue light, especially suitable for high-end places such as studio, weather report office.
What is COB package display suitable for?
The excellent characteristics of cob display itself are suitable for the situation of high quality requirements for LED electronic screen, as follows:
1. Studio: effectively suppress Moore pattern, display fomei blue light, based on rich colors, not noticeable for a long time.
2. High quality rental: cob packaging LED electronic screen is protected in all aspects, without wear and damage during transportation and installation. Therefore, cob display is also the first choice for frequent loading and unloading.
3. Advanced conference room: according to how few advanced products are available for advanced seats, the advantages of cob display include image quality, protection function, easy cleaning, less consumption, ultra-high contrast, ultra-high refresh rate, powerful performance and contrast,
3840hz refresh rate, display industry champion configuration.
COB package display, suitable for micro spacing.

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