How many connection methods are there for LED video display?

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Indoor outdoor LED display assembly is a complex and cumbersome process, engineers need strict professional skills to make  LED display products become exquisite and meticulous. People in the industry know that led displays are connected to many modules, which are assembled with many beads. When assembling the LED display screen, the next loop should be closed at one time, and the effect of the LED display screen should not be affected. It can meet the requirements of large area, high brightness and dynamic display of LED display screen, as well as the requirements of driver matching with LED. The following  fiber mainly introduces four LED display connection forms.

1. LED display full screen connection mode: led1-n, end-to-end connection, general sequence connection mode of the same current when the LED display operates. The other method is the connection mode with bypass is 1.1.
2. LED display full screen parallel assembly mode: one is simple parallel form, the other is independent matching parallel form. Simply receive the same voltage when working on each LED. The reliability is not high, but in this problem, using independent matching parallel format, the driver effect is better, a single LED display can match, will not affect other operations, there is a big difference.

3. LED display cross array assembly method: the appearance of cross array is mainly to improve the reliability and reduce the failure rate of gloss LED display.

4. LED display hybrid assembly mode: all the advantages of parallel and parallel mentioned above. There are also two. One is the rear mixed connection mode, the other is the rear mixed connection mode.
These four LED display components have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the best LED display connection mode according to the application program. Many engineering and technical personnel often ignore this point, which leads to a variety of LED display connection failures, and ultimately affect the product quality and reduce user confidence. Therefore, the assembly of LED display depends on success or failure!
The advantage of small gap LED large screen display system is high system integration.

The whole system is centrally controlled and managed by a control management software. In addition to image processing system, display device management, various signal display methods control, it can also control RGB matrix, video matrix and other related peripheral devices, so as to achieve a high degree of integration and centralized control of multiple systems. The key components of large screen system, such as micro spacing LED display device, pure hardware multi screen processor and large screen control management software, need the same brand. They all adopt targeted compatible aggregation design to ensure system compatibility and provide reliable security. Display device, image controller and control software are the key parts of full screen system. Integrating products from different manufacturers will lead to technical compatibility problems, affect the realization of many important functions, and reduce the stability and efficiency of the system. On the other hand, due to the involvement of multiple suppliers, post-sale maintenance may affect the troubleshooting and timely supply of spare parts. At the same time, the system upgrade is inconsistent, and the scalability of the system will be reduced.

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