Common installation methods of LED electronic screen fixed or rental wall

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The following are the six most commonly used device methods in the LED electronic screen device. For indoor LED electronic screen, floor type, inlaid type, hanging type and support type are generally selected, and the above methods of outdoor LED electronic screen can be selected.
Six methods of LED electronic screen
1、 Frame structure and decoration
The outer frame structure is determined by the device request of LED electronic screen, the size of display area and the color of surrounding environment. On the premise of satisfying the device strength, the device component of display screen should be reduced as far as possible.
There are generally three methods for the frame of indoor LED electronic screen: tawny aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy wrapped with stainless steel and pull metal integration.
The structure of the brown aluminum alloy frame is simple, and the color of the frame is close to the bottom color of the screen.
The aluminum alloy is covered with stainless steel structure, which is beautiful and generous.
The color is Sony gray, which is easy to be accepted by vision. In addition, it is compact in overall structure and has no gap. The defect is that the size of LED electronic screen is required.
For the outdoor LED electronic screen, in order to ensure that the device strength meets the requirements, its outer frame is made of steel. The external decoration is generally selected according to the site conditions and the customer’s request, and the outsourcing aluminum-plastic plate is generally selected. Its advantages are: aluminum plastic plate color diversity, rich variety, can be based on different requests for purchase.

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