The use and precautions of LED display screen wall

led screens

(1) Turn on the led video wall panel  first, then the computer next.
(2) Start the LED screen control panel, enter the display editing software, open the edited file, and run the program list.
(3) Turn on the special switch for display and disconnect to supply power to the display screen.

(1) Turn off the special switch of the display screen first.
(2) Exit the special editing and broadcasting software of the display screen, and exit all programs.
(3) Turn off the computer and turn off the monitor.
(4) Turn off all power supplies connected to the display device.
matters needing attention:
(1) The operation of the display screen must be carried out in strict accordance with the turn-on sequence.
(2) When the display screen is in operation, do not plug and plug the system board and all devices connected with the display screen.
(3) The special computer for display screen is not allowed to play games and install software irrelevant to the display screen_ IL: virus invades the computer to avoid affecting the normal operation of display solution.
(4) Without the permission of the LED display screen manufacturer, it is not allowed to dismantle or move all the equipment related to the display screen.

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