What details are included in the project budget of outdoor LED display?

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LED display in the outdoor application is the most common outdoor display screen selection. Outdoor LED display screen uses include square, playground, shopping center, bank, school, etc.
When determining the working environment of LED display, the next step is to predict the LED display project.
LED display screen is the most common outdoor display choice at present. Outdoor LED display screen uses include square, playground, shopping center, bank, school, etc.
When determining the LED display environment, the next step is to make project budget and arrangement for LED display project.
A detailed budget report will be produced prior to the decision to proceed with the LED display project. In this report, it is necessary to state whether it is outdoor or indoor, because the project cost is completely different in different locations.
For example, the budget of the outdoor LED display project basically consists of the following four engineering costs.
LED display outdoor project 1. Cost of foundation works
The so-called basic engineering is to fix the LED display on the civil engineering foundation engineering.
The price structure of the project includes: Earthwork excavation and backfilling, materials such as concrete, reinforcement, machinery and labor costs.
This part of the quotation is based on the volume of earthwork and concrete, i.e. yuan / square, the steel bar is based on the weight, that is, yuan / ton, and the construction workers are quoted according to the number of days, i.e., yuan / working day. The general evaluation can be unified as the volume evaluation of reinforced concrete, which can be estimated between 700-1000 yuan. The larger the volume, the lower the price.
According to experience, the volume of civil foundation is usually about equal to the area of upper screen. For example, the basic volume of a 40 square meter screen is about 40 square meters.
2。 Construction cost of strong and weak power lines
The cost structure of strong and weak wires of outdoor LED display screen project includes: installation of cables, pipe trunking, pipeline trunking, artificial cables, pipe trunking and their installation in the unit of length, yuan / meter, payment of labor service in days and yuan / working day.
The general evaluation can be unified as the calculation of wiring length. If you build it yourself, you can only calculate it based on the actual situation.
There are many specifications of strong cable and the market price changes greatly. Therefore, the cable with large cross-section should be placed by Party A as soon as possible.
In weak cables, 8-core network cable is usually 4 yuan / m, shielded flexible cable is usually 10 yuan / m, and optical fiber cable is usually 6 yuan / m.
The end of each optical fiber needs to increase the material cost of 280 yuan, which is used for welding, pigtail, etc.
3。 Cost of steel frame
The cost structure of steel frame of outdoor LED display screen includes: steel, steel post-treatment, welding labor, auxiliary material cost.
The quotation for post-treatment of steel and materials is based on weight, i.e. yuan / ton, and welding man hour is based on days, i.e. yuan / day.
The general evaluation can be unified as the weight of steel, i.e. yuan / ton.
Steel is generally adjusted at 4500-5500 yuan / ton according to the market price, and the post-treatment is generally 600-1500 yuan / ton. After the adjustment of the method, the welding labor is generally 2000-3500 yuan / ton, and the auxiliary materials are about 500 yuan / ton, so the general steel structure construction is 7000-9500 yuan / ton without post-treatment.
In the LED display project, the overall frame weight is estimated to be 0.15 T / m2. If a column is installed, the column is estimated to be 0.4 T / m. Double columns need to be doubled.

The above is the budget report of outdoor LED display screen project for everyone. The prices of various materials offered are based on current local prices.
When making a detailed budget report, please pay close attention to the price trend in the local market. The best way is to consult a professional design agency to determine it for you.
The project budget of LED display screen is different from the quotation of LED display screen. And the price of LED display is evaluated from the main project of LED display
The screen price is included in the LED display project.

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