The advantages of LED video wall screen for advertising

led advertising

1、 Safety: LED display screen is selected low voltage DC supply voltage, so it is very safe to use. No matter the old and the children can use it safely without causing safety risks.
2、 Softness: LED video screen selects very soft FPC as the base plate, easy to form, suitable for various advertising modeling requirements.
3、 Long life: the normal life of LED electronic screen is 80000-100000 hours, 24 hours a day of continuous operation, and its life is almost 10 years. Therefore, the life of LED electronic screen is several times that of traditional.
4、 Super energy saving: compared with traditional lighting and decoration lamps, the power is several times lower, but the effect is much better.
5、 Simple device: LED electronic screen device is very simple, equipped with fixed clamp, wire slot, iron wire, iron mesh, etc. can be installed on various supporting surfaces. In addition, because LED electronic screen is light and thin, double-sided adhesive can also be used for fixed purposes. No professional can install, can enjoy the DIY decoration taste.
6、 Pure color: LED electronic screen adopts high brightness patch, so it has the advantages of LED light emitting elements, and the light color is pure, soft and glare free. It can be used as decoration and lighting.
7、 Environmental protection: the raw materials of LED electronic screen are selected environmental protection raw materials, which are recyclable and can not cause pollution and damage to the environment due to many applications.
8、 Small heat output: LED electronic screen is led, because the power of a single LED is very low, usually 0.04-0.08w, so the heat output is not high. It can be used as decoration lighting in fish tank, without many heat forming water temperature increase, which will affect the growth of ornamental fish.
9、 Wide use scale: LED electronic screen is widely used in building generalization, steps, exhibition stand, bridge, hotel, KTV decoration lighting, as well as the manufacturing of advertising signs, various large animation, advertising design of calligraphy and painting, etc. With the gradual sophistication of LED electronic screen skills, its use scale will be more and more extensive.

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