Comparison of Outdoor LED Display Screen and Transparent LED Display


With the development of urbanization and commercial economy, the scale of outdoor advertising market is becoming larger and larger, and outdoor LED display screen, as outdoor dynamic advertising carrier, is becoming more and more popular in the market. However, the traditional box-type LED display screen has brought many troubles to manufacturers and customers because of its own defects, and the introduction of hollow-out LED strip screen has almost perfectly solved these problems

Outdoor LED Display Screen

In fact, the general demand for the area of outdoor advertising screen is not as huge as that of landmark buildings, while the market demand for super-large screen outdoor advertising accounts for a relatively small proportion of the whole outdoor advertising screen. At the same time, the installation difficulty and customer demand of traditional outdoor LED advertising screen are also lower. The general outdoor advertising LED display screen can meet, which makes the advantages of LED strip screen no longer. It is particularly prominent. In addition, as a non-hermetic LED display, the lamp bar screen is not generally accepted as the traditional box display screen in terms of tolerance. As we all know, outdoor display screen will inevitably withstand wind and sunshine for a long time. Tolerance has become a very important requirement of this kind of products. The open structure makes the performance of lamp screen as convincing as traditional LED display screen in waterproof and dust-proof, which undoubtedly limits the wide application of LED lamp screen.

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