Competition of LED Display Screen Should Be Graceful and Benign


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With the rapid development of society, the competition in many industries has become more and more fierce, and the competition in LED display industry is much more fierce than usual. Many enterprises are competing, such as market expansion, channel development, brand upgrading, product innovation and so on. It is extremely fierce. The competition among LED display enterprises is also becoming very frequent. However, the so-called no comparison is harmless. Moreover, the competition in China’s LED display industry is already more intense than that in other parts of the world, and it is right now. Cruel competition situation, so that more screen companies jump the wall, the balance of the goddess of freedom in mind gradually tilted, and even many LED screen companies are using despicable means to attack their competitors.

It is not true to slander competitors’products and brand image. This action makes us, as an industry media, deeply realize that the more positive the industry is, the more positive we should be, so as to avoid malicious competition and slander brought about by industry competition as far as possible.

We all know that heroes without rivals are lonely. As the saying goes, invincible heroes are loneliest, but heroes without respect for rivals are more tragic. We might as well boldly imagine that if LED display enterprises can do this, it will be a blessing for the vast industry. At the same time, we also need to learn to thank! Because the opponent is strong, you can only be forced to get along with him in the competition. Besides making yourself strong, you have no second way to go. As the saying goes, it is not only the glory of the champion but also the fear of backwardness that forces us to run forward.

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