Competition for small pixel pitch LED displays becomes intense

P2-5-P3-P3-91-P4-P4 led wall

Small pixel pitch LED display camps are further expanded. This is also the normal situation after the rental stage LED products entered the market application in 2010: but because the product expansion has become the normal market, people have neglected the “brand expansion” on the industry’s vague related impact.

Small Spacing LED Display Screen

It can also be said that the participants in the small spacing LED screen industry are not all aiming at the “construction industry”. Some professionals say that the so-called “all pregnant with ghosts” is not too much. Especially in 2016, small spacing LED screens were once again popularized on the basis of price decline, and the “price sensitive” market such as security, digital signs made great progress, which brought a large number of LCD display manufacturers without opportunities to join quickly.

For this traditional market strong small spacing LED brand, how to differentiate technology, build high-end market barriers, maintain their high-value image has become a challenge. For this kind of fast irregular LED manufacturers, the crisis will become more and more serious, so these open arm fast manufacturers will inevitably become a hazard. We should resolutely fight against this phenomenon and not allow them to affect a good atmosphere in the existing social sectors.

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