Principle and Three Classifications of LED Spherical Display Screen


LED spherical screen is only appeared in recent years, its main purpose is to be able to 360 degrees of all-round viewing screen display content, all-round display viewing, thus bringing new visual experience. The principle of LED spherical screen? What are the characteristics? What are the related products on the market now? With such questions, the following are shared by us

LED Spherical Display Screen

I. Basic Principles of LED Spherical Screen:

It consists of core control module, rotary display module, wireless module, word library module, motor drive module and power supply. The fan blade is designed to be circular. There is a circle of LED beads on the fan blade. The light emitting color of the LED is monochrome or multi-color. When the fan blade rotates around the central axis, a sphere will be generated, and all of them are LED on the sphere. With the font software, when the fan blade reaches the corresponding position, the corresponding points will be lit, so that the display content of a sphere can be controlled.

Second, the characteristics of LED spherical screen:

1. Because of the aesthetic fatigue and the need for innovative personalized display, the rotating LED spherical screen is just a new and innovative product gathering popularity. All flaws caused by using a flat video source to play on a three-dimensional sphere will be tolerated, just as distorted photographs taken with wide-angle lenses or fisheye cameras will be accepted.

Types of LED Spherical Screen

1. Watermelon skin LED spherical display screen:

It is composed of watermelon peel PCB. Its advantages are intuitive structure and fewer types of PCB. The disadvantage is that the North and South polar (i.e. north of 45 degrees north latitude and south of 45 degrees south latitude) can not play the image normally, so the picture utilization rate is too low or the image distortion is serious. The reason is that at present, the pixel arrangement of all image sources is arranged in rows, and the pixel arrangement of the north and south poles of the watermelon skin LED spherical screen is not arranged in rows, but in circles, so it is difficult to display.

2. Triangular LED spherical display:

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