Key Points of Outdoor LED Display Screen Design and Usage


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In recent years, with the rise of smartphones and their widespread popularity, the convenience of various mobile phone applications will continue to expand. People’s eyes are now “attracted” by the “small screen” inside the mobile phone. According to industry statistics, in 2016, smartphone users in China spent more than or equal to four hours per person watching their mobile phones within 24 hours. People’s eyes are gradually disappearing from traditional TV and MP4. Now outdoor media and entertainment life have attracted a large number of users. In the past, the outdoor LED display media has attracted a large audience with its bright and noble face. Now, it has become a great worry for the majority of LED display manufacturers to regain the attention of those who lost the “bowers”. But if we can design a beautiful and vivid advertisement, or add some interaction to it, will it be better to attract people’s eyes back? If we want to re-attract the eyes of the majority of people back to the LED advertising for the need to do the following points.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

1. Uniqueness of LED Display Screen

We all know that the object of outdoor advertising is dynamic pedestrians in life. Pedestrians can get a general understanding of commodity information through visual advertising images. Therefore, the design of outdoor advertising must take into account the three important factors of distance, perspective and environment. Therefore, the first step in the design of outdoor display screen is to plan the position and size of advertisements according to three factors: distance, perspective and environment. The common outdoor LED display screen is usually rectangular, which we should change when we design. It should be based on the specific environment, so that the outdoor advertising screen shape and background can be coordinated to better produce visual aesthetics. The other is that the shape of the display screen does not need to be unified and diversified as much as possible. The size of the display screen should also be determined according to the size of the actual space and the environment. Take the example of a foreign country we saw before. Its road sign is not very big. It is unified with the old streets in the past, but the design is very coordinated. Therefore, outdoor advertising screen should pay more attention to its visual effect, because the basis of successful advertising to visual and contact effects.

2. Reminding and informing

Since we all know that the audience is a mobile pedestrian, the next step in the design is to take into account the location of the audience through the advertisement. We also know that tedious pictures are unacceptable to pedestrians, so that only by attracting pedestrians’attention in the form of concise pictures and reminders, can we attract audiences to watch the advertisements of our outdoor LED display screen. Therefore, the design of outdoor advertising should pay attention to the reminder, the form of pictures and texts, with pictures as the main text supplemented by the form to make the screen look clear.


Through the above description, we know that in graphic design, what we can do is to make the outdoor LED panel concise and eye-catching. As far as possible to seize the eyes of users, guide them to further read the advertising text, if

we can achieve a demand effect of the above LED display screen, I believe it will better attract the eyes of users.

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