How can outdoor LED display avoid adverse environmental factors?


How can outdoor LED display avoid adverse environmental factors? Many times, we have to consider that the LED display may be damaged by typhoons, rainstorms and thunderstorms in the weather. The manufacturers of LED display warmly reminds friends that when using outdoor display, we must take measures to prevent or reduce the damage to the display. So how can we deal with the unpredictable bad weather as a manufacturer of LED display for many years? Below for you to explain a few things about outdoor LED.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

1. Preventing High Temperature Phenomenon

2. Preventing Typhoons

Many people do not know that there are many kinds of installation locations for outdoor LED advertising, and the installation methods are also relatively diversified. For example, some wall-mounted, mosaic, pillar, suspension and so on. Then the problem arises. If in typhoon season, in order to avoid the LED display device falling off, the load-bearing steel frame structure of outdoor LED display will be very strict. Engineering units must also design and install in strict accordance with the requirements of anti-typhoon grade 10. At the same time, they should also have a certain anti-seismic ability to ensure that the LED display will not collapse and cause injury to people.

3. Rainstorm Prevention

Since ancient times, we all know that rainwater weather in the south is too much, so the LED display screen itself must have a relatively high waterproof protection system in order not to be corroded. In the use environment of outdoor display screen, the outdoor display screen should reach IP65 level. The module should be encapsulated by glue filling and the waterproof box body is selected. The module and the box body are well connected by waterproof rubber ring. Therefore, it can achieve a better waterproof effect.

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