Why are small pixel pitch LED TV displays so popular?


In recent years, in the LED display industry, the high-density small pitch LED display screen has been booming, which has become an indispensable display product in the industry. So what makes high-density, small-spacing LED displays so popular? Below by Shenzhen LED display manufacturers for you to introduce one by one.

Firstly, there is a lack of high-density LED display on the market. Moreover, the emergence of high-density and small-spacing LED display makes enterprises find a successful breakthrough to break through the long-standing restrictions on their own development. This also makes the price of LED display products high, and solves a big problem that has long plagued the low gross profit of LED. High-density LED products with small spacing combine touch, 3D, and can only be used in other applications…. It makes the serious problem of homogeneity of products in the LED industry easy to solve.

Fourthly, in recent years, high-density small spacing LED display has been thoroughly opened, and new products such as P2.0, P1.8, P1.5, P1.4, P1.2, P1.0 emerge in endlessly. Shenzhen famous LED enterprises have developed and produced products with smaller spacing, such as P1.0. Resolution, refresh rate and gray level have been greatly improved. The unprecedented enthusiasm of the small spacing LED market should be slowly ignited. In addition, with the maturity of small spacing technology and the gradual reduction of cost in recent years, this kind of high-density small spacing LED products will replace the traditional LED large screen splicing wall market better and faster, and gradually become one of the most popular display screens in the LED display industry.

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