Reliability Appraisal for Outdoor Column poster LED Display Screen


Outdoor LED display screen has become an important media equipment for advertising and propaganda. It can be seen in urban commercial streets, high-rise commercial districts and squares. Every outdoor LED display costs a lot, so how to use it safely for a long time is a very important issue for manufacturers and advertisers. The following is sharing:

Outdoor pillar LED display is classified into single pillar LED display and double pillar LED display according to the size of screen area. Because of the stronger load-bearing effect of double pillars, larger screen will use double pillar display. Most of them are installed in places with wide vision and open space, such as square, parking lot, etc. In addition to the steel structure of the screen, the pillar LED display screen also needs to make concrete or steel pillars, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation. Reliability appraisal of outdoor pillar LED display.

Outdoor pillar LED display

First, the foundation of the pillar LED display screen is identified and tested.

Balanced gravity type: that is, the upper load is mainly balanced by the gravity of large volume foundation, generally for concrete foundation. This foundation form is suitable for use in soft soil and open construction site.

Secondly, the material of the column is tested and appraised.

Thirdly, inspect the bar system of the upper steel frame.

At present, there are two types of connection between steel column and upper steel frame member system: 1. One is T-shaped. Its main frame is formed by T-shaped connection between steel column and upper transverse main beam, and the screen area is connected with T-shaped frame structure through various hangers and diagonal braces. 2. The other is space truss type. Its main frame is welded by an independent steel column and several parallel transverse beams on the upper part. The main beams are connected by horizontal and oblique supports, forming a space truss system. The LED display screen is directly installed on the main frame.

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