Specifications of indoor LED display screen in banquet hall


Indoor LED display screen is very popular in the hotel industry, especially in wedding or company annual meeting and other important activities. For those who want to know and buy beforehand, it will be an important problem to know the size of LED screen in hotel banquet hall and how to choose it. Generally, the area of LED screen in hotel will exceed 3_. In this case, there will be three alternatives: ordinary back-projection, digital LCD back-projection and LED display. Below is the information for your understanding.

When choosing the LED display screen of the banquet hall, we can consider the following aspects.

1. Manufacturers. Needless to say, regular LED display manufacturers, look at the history, industry case accumulation, and more general products and after-sales protection.

2. Model and viewing distance. Generally, if the viewing distance is 6 meters away, P5 is recommended. If the viewing distance is 8 meters away, P8 is recommended.

3 tube core. Like outdoor full-color LED screens, it is generally recommended that indoor full-color LED screens adopt LED packaged by AYD, and high-end products adopt the core of CREE in Japan, Japan and the United States.

4. Packaging form. The advantages of the 3528 2121 1010 tabular packaging are large viewing angle, good luminous consistency, easy automatic welding and processing, and it is the mainstream product of the full-color screen.

Density 5. Because of the high calorific value and the high density of control circuit, the dot density of commercial full-color screen can not be very high. The model of indoor full-color LED screen includes P1.6 P2.5 P3 P4 P5, P6, P7.62, P8 and so on.

6 drive mode. Indoor full-color LED display is driven by constant current, using dynamic scanning mode (mainly 1/4, 1/81/16, etc.).

7 refresh frequency. Increase refresh frequency, no flicker and tail in camera shooting.

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