Introduction to LED rental display screens and their advantages

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LED screen rental is a type of LED display specifically designed for stage performances and cultural events. It usually appears in the form of leasing, so it is named LED rental display screen.

It is widely used in stage rental led wall, song and dance events, various press conferences, exhibitions, sports venues, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multifunctional halls, conference rooms, performance halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, etc. Compared with traditional fixed screens, LED rental display screens have the following advantages:
1. Lightweight and ultra-thin
The traditional LED display screen box is mainly made of SPCC (cold-rolled carbon steel plate), commonly known as “iron box”. The thin plate is made into the shape of the box through bending, welding, spraying and other processes. The cost is relatively low, but its disadvantage is that the box is too heavy, and after being made into a display screen, the weight per square meter can reach over 60kg, which is very bulky. The LED rental display screen boxes used in the stage and entertainment industry are basically aluminum boxes, with a weight of about 30-50kg/m2. They have the characteristics of lightweight, good thermal conductivity, and so on
2. Small error and zero stitching
The traditional box of LED display screens is processed using sheet metal, and the iron or aluminum plates are formed through bending and welding production processes. Due to the large errors in this type of processing technology, it is easy to deform after processing, so the error is in the millimeter level, making it difficult to meet the zero seam requirements of the display screen.
Due to the production process of module forming combined with machining, the aluminum casing of LED rental display screens can control the error within one tenth of a millimeter, fully meeting the requirement of zero splicing.
3. Quick installation
Due to the aluminum structure of the box, it is lighter in weight, higher in accuracy, and easier to disassemble. Technical personnel can assemble a single box within a few minutes, greatly reducing installation and disassembly time and saving labor costs.
4. Long lifespan
The main component that affects the lifespan of LED display screens is light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and high temperature is the killer of LED enlargement. The good heat dissipation and thermal conductivity of the aluminum box make its operating environment temperature relatively stable, which can greatly extend the lifespan of the display screen body.
Support the arbitrary direction of signal lines to meet the arrangement and placement of different boxes, in order to create images with different effects;
Lightweight, ultra-thin, and fast installation design, allowing you to complete the installation and disassembly of LED display screens in a short time;

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